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"Biet trădător de ţară şi de neam,
Ascultă ce mi-i dat să-ţi prohodesc,
Vom fi din nou, aşa precum eram
Se va-mplini destinul Românesc."

Adrian Păunescu

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duminică, 15 ianuarie 2012

Identity Theft, Scams and Hoaxes. Once again, Gabriel Lungu.

   See here the version in Romanian. 



Lungu's Wellstar website (Romania) seems to be down. 
Former link can be seen here. and are down as well.  

January 20th 2012. 

I had a phone conversation with Dr. Alexander Mostovoy, Toronto 
(HMCC, CCHM, OHA), a colleague of Dr. Pettle. I am still waiting for an answer from the Romanian authorities.  


E-mails have been sent to all the persons  with stolen identities, appearing in this article.
An e-mail has been sent also to the website's hosting company,



It seems that Lungu's website has been taken down, no links are working for now. 


     I think I am going to say it from the start. Stupidity, misleading, scams - you will always pay'em. Sooner or later, of course.  You must know Gabriel Lungu from our previous articles: Romanian Scams and Hoaxes, Romanian Scams and Hoaxes 2.  For those who doesn't have time to read everything, Gabriel Lungu is a scammer, a cheat who sells books regarding cancer treatment in Romania. He uses a lot of tricks, pretending he's a doctor, or a specialist in cancer treatment, he's saying he learned everything studying by himself - of course he doesn't have any medical training. What he's doing, he's taking advantage of the poor sick people in Romania who believe that, buying his book, will get healthy. Who's this Lungu ? A crook who used to work on some cruise ships, made some money and now he really wants to do some time in jail. Oh, well, let's help him. 

    After he hid away and he tried to hid his former websites, it seems he found a new way to sell his lies. His new book it's not named anymore "The secret treatment of cancer" but "The Treatment of Cancer" and he doesn't sign it anymore. It's signed by Dr.  Johan Levensberg. And Gabriel Lungu sells this new book on his new website. For those who really want to find some miracles and  to give Lungu some money, his website can be found here (till he's going to hide it again or, maybe, this time, he will be hidden for a long time). And because maybe later we won't be able to find the website anymore, let's see some screenshots. 

    You can see that, this time, Lungu's name doesn't appear anymore. But there are two new "heroes". I don't want Mr. Lungu to wait too much and to think that, maybe, I was wrong, so let's see how do i know it's his website. Who is ""? The registrant contact says "Mihai Gheorghe" from Iaşi with the following e-mail address: "banderas" appears here, with  other miracle books (including the secret treatment of cancer). Oh, but here's the same e-mail address linked to his real name: 

   Check also the same phone number which appears at the registrar and on his website.  

    So we have the proof that Lungu sells another book about cancer treatment. It seems we have a reputable author, a specialist this time: Johan Levensberg, oncologist and the former president of the Health Center Berlin. A book approved by  Dr. Nicoleta Rădulescu as well. 

    There are a few question marks, though. 

    There is NO Dr. Levensberg. Period. It's enough to Google search to see there are absolutely no results. And Gesundheitszentrum Berlin knows no doctor with this name as well. 
    Not enough? With a lot of guts, Gabriel Lungu stole Dr. Alvin Pettle's photo (MD F.R.C.S.World expert on bio-identical hormones) ; Dr Alvin's website here
   So it's also clear that all the titles and licences that Lungu gave his doctor, " dr. Johan Levensberg" are fake, as fake as "Levensberg" is. 


    Let's see also who are the persons with testimonies on Lungu's website.  

Dumitroi Iuliana (ovarian cancer) seems to be Milena Lajtner .

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and it was really painful. I didn't know what else to do. I was crying all the time, calling the doctor and asking him what to do - he was telling me to leave him alone. I started following the naturist treatments and I found in this book a treatment that made me feel better, a special diet and a few products that gave me fast relief, not like the medication from the hospital. Thank you so much!" 

Mihaela Munteanu (colon cancer) seems to be Becky Belcher Morecraft,  US writer. 

"I'm Mihaela from Bucharest and I want to let you know that I followed Johan therapy and I have no more pains. Doctors are telling me this is unbelievable after only 4 months, it seems it's in remission." 

Elisabeta Rimsa (brain cancer) seems to be Audrey NiffeneggerUS writer. 

"I followed your book's treatment and I was almost healed of a very rare form of cancer, even if this cancer is the same malady that the doctors weren't able to treat, saying that my cancer it's "special" and my body is very weak and unable to fight it. The doctors told me they will heal me using chemotherapy. THIS IS THE BIGGEST REVELATION EVER! I started the treatment from this book and I followed it for the last 6 months. I feel much more better and the products are great, also my new life style and the new diet. God bless you!" 

Iulian Grigoriu is Glenn Mitchella lung cancer patient. 

"I followed the diet and the therapies at home, because I didn't have money for a treatment. God bless, I want to thank Dr. Johan for the great advice he gave me. Your book should be studied in medicine schools. Thank you."

IV is Sister Eda

S.I.  is "My Sweetheart", a dating-website profile. 

Raica Petrica  is "Searcher545", a canadian, another dating profile.