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"Biet trădător de ţară şi de neam,
Ascultă ce mi-i dat să-ţi prohodesc,
Vom fi din nou, aşa precum eram
Se va-mplini destinul Românesc."

Adrian Păunescu

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miercuri, 3 martie 2010

Romanian Scams and Hoaxes

   See here the article in Romanian 

  Honestly, I have a "F* it all" feeling. I was wondering, for the last few days - should or shouldn't I write about this subject. I'm not the most honest guy in the Universe nor I'm trying to pose in some kind of savior. And then I told myself - somebody should write about it. I have a brain, I have two hands and I know the story - so why not? 
  I am so ashamed of some people' shameless. I am ashamed of how much we are taught, us, Romanians, to take advantage of those who believe in us. We assume rights without any rights. I think, in such cases, is both parties' fault. It's my fault to pretend, it's your fault as well, to believe me. 

 Hoax - what's a hoax? 

A hoax is a deliberate attempt to deceive or trick an audience into believing or accepting that something is real, when the hoaxer (the person or group creating the hoax) knows it is false.

 Everybody knows this. The snake oil. The Fiji Mermaid. It's a long list. I think everybody, at a point, had a hoax in his mind. And everybody was thinking about the solution of making easy money.  

 Not when you take advantage of the cancer patients. 

Let's talk about our scammer. Btw, whenever you feel like, Mr. Scammer, you can go ahead and sue me. I can't wait. 

  Gabriel Lungu - this is his name - he's a new, tiny hoax master. And Romania is a No Man's Land, there's no law, it seems everybody's doing whatever they want, where they want, how they want. What was he thinking? "Romanians are stupid, I can do whatever I want 'cause they know no foreign languages, they barely know how to use the internet" and so on. 

 So - what's he doing? He's taking a lot of info regarding natural cures from the internet, translates'em - as he can, steals some more pages from Maria Treben's book "Health thru God's Pharmacy"

 steals some more info from Mauris Emeka's book "Cancer's best medicine"

  mixes everything, creates "Gabriel Lungu's Cancer Therapy" and publishes and sells his new book: "The Secret Treatment of Cancer" (for 99 Ron = $30)  which says...

 "You can heal yourself 100% thru natural cures!" "The story of 100 cured patients!" "Cancer is not deadly" Nice headlines.  Here's one of Lungu's websites: 

 Let's not talk now about his other websites - how to grow in height, how to increase the size of your penis, how to increase the size of your breasts...hello, this is CANCER! 
How can such a guy with no medical / naturist studies whatsoever can be permitted to publish such a book that respects no copyright, no elementary rules? How can he claim to cure the cancer 100%? A person who barely speaks English and barely knows the Romanian grammar!
Who steals from books and websites! 

 "As long as the cancer cell doesn't receive any more proteins, the war is won!" 
 "Discovered in time, the cancer can be healed 100%. We guarantee the healing in second stage and the possibility of healing in the third stage". 

 How can you, Mr. Lungu, guarantee such a thing when you have no studies? How can you pretend to have the truth in your hands and take advantage of these sick, poor people ? How can you claim the internet and other people's research as your therapy? What if ONE, only ONE human being dies because of  the informations you gathered and stole and threw it in this so-called book?  

 All the websites using and publishing such informations are clearly posting their disclaimers,  
saying that the informations are not treatments ! And, more, are NOT GUARANTEED!