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"Biet trădător de ţară şi de neam,
Ascultă ce mi-i dat să-ţi prohodesc,
Vom fi din nou, aşa precum eram
Se va-mplini destinul Românesc."

Adrian Păunescu

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marți, 23 noiembrie 2010

Romanian Scams and Hoaxes (part 2)

 So I am home and somebody calls me on my cell. It's Mr. Lungu, I wrote about him a few months ago - the "author" of the miraculous books about healing cancer, penis enlargement, height growing, breast augmentation and so on.  He's telling me that he just found out about my article - you can read it here - about his so-called business. He's telling me also that I wrote about him without knowing how many people he treated for cancer. What a nice guy he is. And how many issues he's having now because of my article. 
   Obviously, one of my questions was: "What specialty studies do you actually have, Mr. Lungu?"  He's answering: "Oh, A LOT. I have studies in Europe and in Romania. And I am still studying". 

 Right. Mr. Lungu, let's put the cards on the table. What you are doing it's a PUBLIC SCAM. I am so glad you had the nerve to call me and, through the e-mails you sent me, to try to associate your name with other several doctors' names. So please make sure you read this part. You claim you're a doctor. A homoeopath doctor. An oncology surgeon. FALSE! 

So...let's show our readers what are you doing, precisely. And now with details because if you called me to tell me I was wrong, I dug a little more. Just to make sure. 

In an article which appeared in "Adevarul de Slatina", december 30, 2009 - you can see the article here - Mr. Lungu tells us about his studies: 

 "He never gave up his dream to become a doctor. He choose to work on oil platforms and on cruise ships to make money, now he wants to follow medical studies. "I wanted to be a doctor but I ended working on some oil rigs and I've seen the world. After that I started to work on cruise ships as a waiter, reception manager, so I've seen tens of countries. I was working a lot, 18-20 hours a day, but it was worth it. I made a lot of money. Now I want to be a doctor, a surgeon or an oncologist."
It seems he studied A LOT in only one year because, as his Facebook page says, he already became a surgeon and an oncologist. 

Wow, that's a miracle almost as huge as his book (which, again, treats cancer 100%). It seems he's the Wonder Boy. 

"Gabriel Lungu loves books and medicine. He managed to combine these two and now he's writing health books. "When I was a kid I read a lot and I learned a lot. I read a lot of medicine books so I thought that I am able, too, to write a few"
 In his first book, 'Everything about growing in height', he tried to offer a solution to those who suffered being short"

Let's just go a little to his website thru which Lungu sells his book - the website that claims that cancer can be healed 100% through his therapy - a website that Mr. Lungu claimed that he was unable to update in the last 8 months.

Top left corner - image of a doctor. Fake. 
"Secret" treatment of cancer and "Gabriel Lungu's Therapy". A so-called treatment compiled from all over the web and some books. 
100% guarantee healing. WHAT? 

At the end of the page, Mr. Lungu added an US address. 

Forget about "Banderas Publishing" and check with me the address:  6322 Palma del Mar Blvd. Google can help - oh, it's Lungu's big brother, Galaxy OmniMedia, selling informations about natural cures for sinusitis, growing in height, miracles. 

So it seems Mr Lungu bought some info from these guys for "Only $49.97 ! $39.97 today!" Result? The OTHER Websites created by our "doctor".

Well - this is important, there's a lot of gullible guys out there. If you take your time, you can read on some of these websites their disclaimer. Of course, not on Lungu's websites. 


Even so, there were over 100 companies selling miracles about how to grow in height. Mostly in US. 

 FTC (Federal Trace Commission) charged 
Sunny Health Nutrition

 with making false and unsubstantiated claims for HeightMax, as well as for two other supplements, Liposan Ultra Chitosan Fat Blocker and Osteo-Vite. 
To settle the charges, defendants Sunny Health Nutrition Technology & Products, Inc. and its owner, Sunny Sia, will pay $375,000 in consumer redress. The settlement also holds the defendants potentially liable for $1.9 million in the event that they misrepresented their finances. 
 (see here). How about you, Mr. Lungu? 

But let's go further. 

So I told you at the beginning about Mr. Lungu's phone call. I asked him to send me proofs - he wanted to show me he's honest. So what did I receive? One of the e-mails seems to be a forward from Ms. Stoica Iulia who has been treated for cancer by Mr. Lungu. The e-mail it's addressed "Good morning, Mr. Therapist Gabriel Lungu". 

Aww, I almost believed the guy. But on Mr. Lungu's NEW website ('cause now Mr. Lungu claims to be Wellstar Romania's director and signs his e-mails  with this new position) I found the same e-mail. Only, this time, signed Nicoleta Păun. And addressed to Mr. (doctor ?) Bogdan Toană, OTV star.  See here

Very interesting this circle of...doctors who guarantees cancer healing through naturist therapy. I know Wellstar - the MLM company - sells vitamins and nutrients. However, Mr. Lungu, through, sells the products  as "The complete treatment of cancer"

Another e-mail sent to me by Mr. Lungu seems to be written by Leo Piedone, who misspells the same words as Ms. Stoica and Ms. Paun. 

And in the third e-mail, Mr. Lungu becomes technical. 

So let's start with what's the simplest. Dr. Dumitrescu with his "Titan" product. I'm not asking what this product does nor how but I can say clearly that Dr. Dumitrescu it's not a doctor. Actually he's the one saying it. 

 "Not being a doctor I cannot explain the phenomenon but I asked for and received the medical charts  from the persons I treated, before and after my treatment. They are a lot - I don't know exactly how many but a few hundreds.

I tried to contact several other doctors, Dr. Botez and Dr. Parvulescu. I spoke with Dr. Botez who told me that "he heard about Mr. Lungu, that Mr. Lungu is trying to treat  cancer with American vitamins but he doesn't know him" 

 Short INTERVIEW WITH Dr. Botez, Obstetrics and Gynecology

I spoke also with the representative of Wellstar GMBH (Germany) as much as Mr. Lungu claims to be and signs his e-mails "General Director Wellstar Romania", also presents Wellstar products as "The complete treatment of Cancer". My question was simple, the answer was simple as well. 
 As until now I was unable to reach Mr. Schultz, General Manager of Wellstar GMBH. I also trust that he will take the right decision regarding of who might be allowed to represent his company. Maybe a background check, next time? 

So, Mr. Lungu. You still stand as a hoax - now even more than before. Trying to make money out of cancer patients.  The gullible guys and girls who want to grow in height. I am still waiting for a proof of your assumed credentials and, of course, you might call me anytime.