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"Biet trădător de ţară şi de neam,
Ascultă ce mi-i dat să-ţi prohodesc,
Vom fi din nou, aşa precum eram
Se va-mplini destinul Românesc."

Adrian Păunescu

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joi, 16 septembrie 2010

Our Gypsies, Their Gypsies

    It's like we would live in a Science-Fiction world. A world in which gypsies hordes are shaking their greasy hats and their embroidered skirts - sorry, tens of skirts -  using beans to foretell and emptying another wallet. Or two. Or three. In Romania, on Champs-Elysees or near some Spanish church. 
     I was reading with a lot of interest all the international and national comments regarding this issue. It's like the issue was born today and we will get rid of it today. Anyway, from what I am able to see, the general attitude is 99% against the gypsy behavior of the...gypsies. Seems redundant but, really, I don't feel like using political-correctness here. I mean, come on, I'm Romanian, I am speaking Romanian - which is my ancestors' language - and, for what I can remember, they called the gypsies "Gypsy". And laugh if you may, but they really didn't know about any other names - like rroma, rromani and so on. Isn't it strange, how many things we seems to discover nowadays? How many old things and traditions we invent, how we find that some peoples and some nations were, oh, boy, so humiliated by the history? 
    Well, I feel really bad for the gypsies BUT I feel even worst for myself and my people. 
     And now, the gypsies need to be integrated. 
     Let's see. 
     Because it seems they don't want to be integrated at all. 

A horse pulled cart,  loaded with scrap metal ...

  The French had it enough and I can understand them. I don't say Romania isn't a civilized country - despite the gypsy songs, the president, the parliament, political parties and so on. But, still, France it's known to be a civilized country. And whatever you are, wherever you're coming from, it's a little bit awkward to visit the Eiffel Tower and to be knocked down by some panhandling gypsy. Dude, at least let me breath! Or, if you want to have a coffee somewhere in town and there's the gypsy woman with her 10 kids asking for directions and using the traditional "salute". 

The problem here is that the Romanians were asked to "integrate" the Romanian gypsies. Integrate'em? How? Where? Should we build'em some wagons so they can move around? Should we, even better, give'em the keys from our homes and a pig, so they can proudly walk thru Europe? What's this, exactly, "Gypsies integration"? 

They have been given apartments and they sold everything they could from these buildings, they burn'em and they brought their horses inside. Don't tell me it's not true - I use to work for years in Mass-Media and I've seen these things with my eyes. Recently, Baia Mare's vice-mayor had in mind another "donation" of apartments for the gypsies.  Moron. But that's when you get European funds and you want to put'em in your own pocket. 

  Nobody ever gave a dime on whatever they were doing. 
 Everybody let them be for years, everybody turned their eyes away from their tin business, the garbage they ransack, the gypsies with bigger cojones stole a horse or two, those with even bigger cojones are stealing wallets and are leading prostitution rings.
  And now we care so much about Europe's opinion that we want to "integrate" the gypsies? 
  First of all, most probably we're the only country in the world kissing everybody's asses. We're in NATO, so we're Americans allies, but still we're afraid to ask the Russians about the Romanian treasures they "took to defend" during the war and they forgot to give'em back. We're like a nations of retards, we go wherever the wind blows and still we don't know how to take care of ourselves. Romania has been accepted in the European Community  but we don't know how to be proud as we should. Even the Bulgarians took position in the European Council stating that "they don't want to be seen as the Romanians are seen" 

 ""French President Nicolas Sarkozy promised to me that Bulgaria will not be viewed together with Romania," stated Bulgarian PM Borisov Thursday.

What's that? Where's Romania's answer? What the hell of a diplomacy do we have if we let everybody to kick our asses? 

Second, "Gypsies integration" is an utopia. Romania knows this, the whole Europe knows this. 
Three, we all know how the gypsies are making their money. But what are we expecting if the Romanian law doesn't take care of the issue first hand? Why would the French or, for this matter, any nation in the world, take care of our problems? Why would the French keep the gypsies in their jails? It's not their business to take care of the Romanians minorities, whatever these would be - gypsies, Hungarians, etc.  It's Romanian Government's business and this is the proof that the Romanian Government doesn't do its job. This is proof  that there's no law and there's no respect of the law. 
 So, if Romania really wants to "integrate" the gypsies, Romania needs to "integrate" the law. And the law should be the same for everybody. That would be a start. Right now, the law it's not the same for my father or for a politician, for me or the president. The Law is different for everybody, depends on how big is their pocket or their power. 
    First, we need to integrate the Respect towards the Romanians, then we can talk about any other types of integration. You can't build a house starting with the roof.